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Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed at Gagnon Beach?

Yes, animals are allowed at the campground. Please note that we ask that pets be “on-leash” whenever they are outside of your trailer. This will prevent them from approaching other campers, wandering to other sites and out into campground traffic. There are waste disposal containers throughout the park where you can dispose of your pets’ feces. You are responsible to clean up after your pet.

Are pets allowed at the beach?
Yes, we have a designated section at the beach where you are welcome to bring your pet. Signage will be indicated to show you the area where pets are permitted. Please note that your pet must remain on leash while you are there and you must clean up after your pet.
Is there Wi-Fi?

Wi-fi is available at the campground for an additional cost (depending on timeframe you wish to purchase for.) This purchase is based on each device and can be accessed through your device by clicking on the Gagnon Beach option in your wi-fi settings, then following the directions on the “pop-up” website that should appear. Pricing is based on daily, weekly, monthly or for the entire season.

Prices are as follows:

1-Day- $7
3-Day (Weekend)- $20
7-Days (Weekly)- $25
30-Days (Monthly)- $35

Cost is collected on your credit card at time of connection. 


How far of a walk is it to the beach from my campsite?
Our campground is so fortunate to be located directly on Gagnon Beach. All campsites are no further than a 2 to 5 minute walk to the beautiful sand and water.
What is the difference between a 2 service and 3 service site?
Gagnon Beach is equipped with 2 and 3 services sites. Our 2 service sites consist of 20amps of electricity and water usage. Our 3 service sites include 30amps of electricity, water and sewer. We currently do not offer/have 50 amp sites.
How do I become a seasonal camper?
If you are interested in becoming a seasonal camper at Gagnon Beach, please fill out the form located on the main page (under the heading “Seasonal Campers.”) Once this is filled out, you will be added to our waitlist and we will be in touch as soon as a space becomes available!
I am camping at a nearby campground, or live nearby, can I just come to visit the beach?

Yes, we offer day rates for those that may be passing through, live in the area or just want a beach to swim and suntan at! The rates are based on the carload, not per person. Current rates are $10 per day to visit the beach. This pass can be purchased at the campground store at the entrance gates.

How much does it cost to visit a camper at your campground?

If you have a family member or friend staying with us, you are welcome to come in for a visit. A visitors pass is $10 per day, per carload, and can be purchased at the campground store once you arrive at the entrance. Please note, that you will be required to provide the name of the guest you are visiting. Overnight guests are required to pay $10/person.

What comes on the sites when you are an overnight guest (non-seasonal)?
Our overnight sites will come with a picnic table and firepit.
Can we have campfires at your campground?
Campfires are permitted in a proper fire pit and must be tended to. Any unattended fires will result in campground employees to distinguish immediately. Please note: Our campground follows the provincial fire guidelines, should there be a fire restriction in place, no campfires (except propane fueled fire tables) will be permitted until this restriction is lifted. There is an update daily at 2pm that is posted at the campground store, so all campers will be informed.
What other activities are available at your campground?
Gagnon Beach, along with miles of sand and beach at your disposal, are all equipped with an onsite basketball court, playground, bouncy pillow, recreation hall and a large field to play soccer, baseball, etc. Some equipment may be rented from the campground store if you have forgotten to bring along items.

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